Pulse oximeter is in great demand in this corona period. In the market, you will get Rs 600 to Rs 35000. If you want to buy a premium brand pulse oximeter, then for this you will have to pay up to Rs 2,500.

Since the onset of the corona virus epidemic, some things have become a part of our lives, including masks, hand sanitizers. At the same time, pulse oximeter has become a very useful device in the second wave of corona. To know whether the oxygen level is low or more, people are buying it online a lot. However, there are many people who do not yet know how to use it correctly and take any decision in haste due to wrong readings and get upset. Today we will tell you how to use oximeter correctly.

This is how to use right

When you have to measure your blood-oxygen level, do not do any work till about 15 minutes before that.

Now lie down comfortably and take a deep breath so that it can give the right result.

Now apply the oximeter to any finger of your hand and do not move the hand at all.

Do not consider the reading of the oximeter correct until its final result is reached.

If you feel that your oxygen level is decreasing, you can consult a doctor.



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