There are signs of the third wave of corona in Rajasthan. The reason for this is that 341 children in Dausa have been found to be corona infected. The corona report of 341 children under 18 years of age has been positive in Dausa between May 1 and May 21. This has blown the senses of the administration and the district hospital has been alerted. Prior to this, 325 children have been found to have corona infection in 10 days in Dungarpur district of the state.

On Sunday, information about an 8-year-old child was also reported in Barmer. He has got an infection in his lungs. That is, in Rajasthan, now more children are getting corona in comparison to the youth and the elderly. The second wave of Corona virus in the country is not yet stopped and it is expected that its third wave has knocked. According to the district collector of Dausa, 341 children have been found corona positive. But not a single child has been admitted to the hospital. He said that in view of the possible third wave of Corona, the district has been alerted to the hospital.

Also, all necessary steps are being taken to overcome this. Meanwhile, the Rajasthan government has started preparing in a big way to deal with this epidemic. Teams of the Health Department are going from village to village and door-to-door to start a campaign to test the people. Apart from this, work is also being done on the system to treat them by making Kovid Center in the village itself.

However, the rate of corona infection has decreased in Rajasthan. For the past few days, the rate of corona positive here was more than 19 per cent, but on Saturday it came down to 9 per cent. That means only 9 out of 100 people are getting corona infected. But in spite of this, it is believed that the lockdown imposed in the state is set to be extended for the next 15 days.


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