Strabane: Three arrested after attempted murder of NI police

Strabane: Three arrested after attempted murder of NI police
Police officers in protective clothing could be seen on the streets after the attack
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Police investigating the attempted murder of two police officers in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland have arrested three men.

The officers had been on patrol in Strabane when a bomb detonated at the side of their vehicle on Thursday.

It happened shortly before 23:00 GMT in the Mount Carmel Heights area.

On Friday night, detectives arrested three men, aged 36, 36 and 28, under the Terrorism Act after conducting a number of searches in Strabane.

Neither officer was injured.

Detectives earlier said a strong line of inquiry was that dissident republican group the New IRA was behind the attack.

Earlier on Friday, PSNI assistant chief constable Bobby Singleton said the incident caused a major security alert in the area.

It affected more than 1,000 residents and left some children unable to get to school.

Police have said they have discovered what could be a command wire for the improvised explosive device during follow-up searches.

Mr Singleton said the officers who had been conducting routine patrols over ongoing antisocial behaviour in the area were left "shaken" when they saw a flash and heard a loud bang.

"They left the area, came back to the station and they found evidence of some blast damage to their police vehicle," he added.